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Ultralight climbing backpack Talung 60L

SKU 31014623
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Volume, L 60
Weight, g 600
Recommended load > 20 kg
Materials Cordura 500
Fasteners YKK, WooJin Plastic
Belt Yes
Совместимость с питьевой системой No

Superlight backpack for technical work and any tasks where the minimum weight of your equipment is important. Excellent both for ascensions of any difficulty, and for tracking. Qualitive materials and absolute minimalism make this model unique in the ratio of weight / durability. Available in two variants of fabric - hard (stronger) (740g) and ultralight (600g).

Talung backpack on the Talung peak


Strenght system of straps and fabric, distributing the load on the back, straps, belt. The backpack is made from one piece of fabric with a minimum of stitches. It gives a large volume of the tube and big durability


Isolon pad can be used as backrest

Type and functionality of the top

An ergonomic removable clamshell top opens with the help of buckles both from frontal and back sides. This provides quick access to the main section. The top has an organizer for 3 sections


Made with a wide strap which allows you to effectively use it together with the climbing harness, removing the load from the shoulders. At the same time it doesn't cover the loops on the harness

The presence and number of pockets

A big secret pocket along the back, comfortable for pads, documents in large files, there is also also there is a pocket in the valvetop/p>

Possibility of compression and equipmet attachment  

The presence of a system of straps allows you to attach a huge amount of equipment (crampoms, ice axes, ropes, rugs, mattress, etc.). The fasteners for ice tools are made so that the tools are pressed to the backpack as much as possible. And under the side screeds you can place even very thick mattress.

Ability to reduce the weight 

If necessary, all screeds for the equipment entachment can be removed. It is also possible to remove the top, which greatly reduces weight up to 450 grams

Other features

  • Ergonomic straps with variable width perfectly suit for mountaineering and any other sport activities. They distribute weight and allow you to comfortably raise your hands while climbing;
  • 3 loops for the equipment on each of the straps (longitudinal large, longitudinal small and transverse loop for the possibility of fastening of plastic carbines like Petzl Caritool);

  • Required shape of the tube. The tube does not interfere with climbing, and does not go away back, which brings the center of gravity to the back center. The shape of the tube allows, if necessary, to fill it up to 60 liters in it. During the ascension, on the contrary, the half-empty backpack looks very compact. The minimum number of seams on the backpack tube makes it very durable.

  • Original vertical handles for carrying on both sides of the backpack. Both handles are cargo and allow you to hang a backpack at the station or use it as a mini bag. The vertical shape is very convenient for use in gloves or warm gloves;


Reviews 2
Відрекомендували мені цей рюкзак, як дуже технологічну, легку, продуману штуку. Бачу, що все ж таки доведеться де що додумувати самому. Наприклад, додаткового придбання комплекту стяжних строп. Спосіб закріпити зайві стяжки, які бовтаються при мінімальному завантаженні (шити якусь гумову стрічку). Спосіб закріпити бутилку води або трекові палки (не були б зайві бокові кишені по низу, чи якісь мінімальні петельки). Решту можна буде сказати тільки після бойової експлуатації. Дякую.
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