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Ultralight expedition backpack Osh 100l

SKU 31022040
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Volume, L 100
Weight, g 1300
Recommended load > 20 kg
Materials Cordura 500
Fasteners YKK, WooJin Plastic
Belt Yes
Совместимость с питьевой системой No
Main volume, cm 40x22x72
Tube height, cm 30

Expedition backpack with soft removable framesheet is perfect for hiking and light trekking. Its main advantage is a weight of only 1270 grams with a volume of 100 liters. However, it is very durable and reliable.

  • construction: four horizontal and two vertical ring straps create a reliable frame, so the load is distributed evenly
  • back: made of light breathable mesh AirMech, which improves ventilation when wearing the backpack; also there is an additional removable pad inside for an additional rigidity
  • clamshell top: fastened to the backpack with buckle straps, so it can be easily removed and converted into an independent small backpack; also an empty backpack can be completely packed in the clamshell
  • belt: soft, consists of two halves, so it fits well with the waist and thigh and allows you to transfer most of the weight on them
  • pockets: on the sides below - standard pockets for sticks, ice axe or bottle with water; outside the backpack there is a flat pocket for a card, papers, raincoat and the like; on the belt there are zipper pockets for little things; also there are 3 zipper pockets in the clamshell top (one for documents)
  • compression possibility: if necessary, compresses to a size 30-liter backpack
  • screeds for attachment of equipment: 4 screeds are located on the side of the backpack, 2 of which have buckles; this facilitates the attachment of the equipment; also there are screeds on the top, there you can put crampons or a jacket
  • brackets on the belt, which may be useful in technical work with backpack


How to measure the back of Osh's backpack read here

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