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Expedition Marquee Tent Verva for 6-7 persons

SKU 4203
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Material Polyester 210, Silnylon 180
Fasteners YKK, WooJin Plastic
Місткість 6-7
Конструкція Double Layer


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Two-layer Verva marquee tent that keeps the temperature well and has less heat loss in strong winds than tents

  • The construction consists of a rod, a bottom and a two-layer tent which gets stretched by ropes. And octagonal shape and cone-shaped roof provide optimum distribution of living space and windproofness. The tent stands firmly, regardless of the direction of the wind.
  • Removable bottom. Bottom material is Oxford 115-135PU. For convenience in bad weather and reducing garbage / moisture inside
  • The supporting structure is sewn into the outer tent. Each seam has a stitched 20 mm strap.
  • Can be used throughout the year
  • Two opposite entrances. On the outer tent on the vertical zip fastener YKK. The inner tent contains fabric tubes.
  • three ventilation windows on fasteners for moisture removal
  • Tubes are made in such a way that being untied, the fabric closes the entrance. At the same time, the lower edge is short, the fabric less soaks and gets dirty
  • Wide entrance of rectangular shape. It makes possible to easily enter into bulky clothes
  • Area 240*240 cm
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