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When preparing for a journey far from civilization, it's worth paying attention not only to selecting technical gear and clothing but also to such "details" as hand protection accessories. In expedition conditions, this is not a trifling matter but rather a very important one. After all, the health of your hands, and therefore your safety, depends on good gloves.

Manufacturers offer a huge variety of gloves of different designs and materials. Let's figure out together how to choose and buy gloves for hiking.

First of all, it should be remembered that our body warms us best. Fingers are better warmed when they are all together, not separated by fabric. That's why it's worth using gloves in the mountains. Mittens are suitable for city and short walks.

The most relevant question when choosing hiking gloves arises in the winter season. The same principle applies in high mountains in summer and in the shoulder seasons, where sub-zero temperatures and snow and ice are also present.

What winter gloves to buy for hiking?

In winter mountains, we will need several types of gloves.

  1. Basic (walking) winter gloves. These are gloves that you walk in, do household chores at the campsite. They should be comfortable for fine finger manipulation. And also warm, protect from the wind, and dry quickly if they get wet.

They can be made from different materials, the most popular are:

  • Fleece gloves. Inexpensive, breathable, absorb moisture well, and dry quickly. Warm fleece gloves are very soft and pleasant to the touch.

They have long been popular among tourists, so now you can find a huge assortment of fleece gloves of various designs and colors on the market. Including men's fleece gloves and women's fleece gloves.

  • Softshell gloves. They are made of a multilayer softshell material. Outside is a membrane that protects against water but allows moisture from the body to evaporate. Inside is a layer of soft and warm material that provides warmth and allows moisture to pass through to the membrane. Such gloves are more expensive, but they are excellent protection against wind and moderate precipitation. They also dry very quickly.

It is very convenient if basic gloves have a slit on the palm. Then you can quickly take out your fingers, do what is necessary, and hide them back before they freeze.

2. Over-gloves. Their task is to protect hands from mechanical damage when working with ropes, iron. As well as protection from snow, rain, dirt.

Over-gloves can be used independently or worn over warm gloves.

When choosing which over-gloves to buy, give preference to models made of breathable fabrics that will dry quickly. The best option is a membrane; such gloves will protect well against precipitation and prevent hands from sweating. On the palm, over-gloves usually have reinforcements made of strong fabric (Cordura, Oxford).

3. Insulated gloves. Finally, in winter, you can't do without insulated gloves. They are used to work and move in conditions of severe frost and moisture. And also to quickly warm up frozen hands.

Depending on the type of insulation, insulated gloves can be:

  • Down. Such gloves are more compact and lightweight compared to synthetic analogs. The disadvantage is that they lose their properties when wet.
  • With synthetic insulation. Such gloves keep warm even when wet. Modern insulation materials, such as Thinsulate, Termoloft, are very light and compressible, so they do not yield to down in their properties.

During long hikes, you can combine different types of winter protective gloves. In severe frost and moisture, we put on such a "sandwich" - basic gloves + insulated gloves + over-gloves.

It is important that over-gloves and gloves do not get lost. For this, they should have a loop that fits over the hand.

In winter and in the shoulder seasons, as well as in high mountains, we recommend taking emergency gloves with you. They should be in a waterproof package and be easily accessible from the backpack.

On our website, you can find a wide range of gloves for hikes: lightweight and insulated gloves, men's winter gloves, women's winter gloves.

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