Fram-Equipment Team Fram-Equipment is a professional Ukrainian team of people who are experts in sport tourism and mountaineering. Leaders as well as employees of the company have a substantial amount of iconic for Ukraine ascents and hiking expeditions behind their backs.


Anastasiya Volkova

Founder of the company 


Area of responsibility in the company: sales outside Ukraine, finances, strategic marketing, product.

The first products of the company were designed and made by Anastasiya herself. Master of sports in sport tourism, a mountaineer, a participant of more than ten expeditions with 7000 m + mountain peaks ascents, including non-conventional routes. The first woman in Ukraine who organised expeditions with a 7000 m ascent. Female leader of trailbreakings in Himalayas, Pamir, Hindu Kush. Multiple times champion of Ukraine, trainer in a tourist club “Globus” (Kyiv, Ukraine), sport tourism instructor, competitions organizer.


Oleksi Kelin - CEO Fram Equipment

Oleksii Kelin

Co-founder of the company, CEO


Operational management, human resource, product development, partner relations, promotion.

Master of sports in sport tourism, a mountaineer, sport expeditions organizer in the mountains of Pamir, Himalayas, Alay. Multiple champion of Ukraine. Organizer of hiking with ascents to 7000 m peaks and trailbreakings. A trainer in tourist club “Globus” (Kyiv, Ukraine), education and competitions organizer.



Mykhailo Fomin



Brand ambassador, mountaineering equipment developer. Master of sports in mountaineering. Holder of The Golden Ice Axe award for ascent to Talung in 2015. Holder of a special award The Golden Ice Axe 2022 for ascent to Annapurna III. Multiple champion of Ukraine in mountaineering. Organizer of mountaineering expeditions in alpine style. Broad Peak ascender as well as peaks higher than 7000 m in Himalayas along new routes.




Olexandr Pavlov



Developing and testing of products, product branding for teams. Master of sport in sport tourism, a mountaineer, a mountain guide. Organizer and participant of sport expeditions in the mountains of Tien Shan, Pamir. A trainer and education organizer in a tourist club “Romantic” (Odessa, Ukraine). Trekking guide in southern America, Asia. Manaslu ascender and a trailbreaker of routes to 6000 m mountain peaks. A serviceman in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.





Oleksiy Alekseyenko

Partner, head of commercial direction


Customer relations, b2b sales, partnerships, development.


Mountaineer, sports tourist, manager of his own company VIRASTAR, father of many children, athlete, coach. Organizer of hikes. Participant in climbing Mont Blanc, Kazbek and many others.




Anna Garkushina

Head of manufacturing, partner


Managing of manufacturing department, communication with contractors, material purchasing, manufacturing on demand, production development. Sport tourist, trainer and organizer in tourist club “Globus” (Kyiv, Ukraine). A participant and an organizer of hiking tours. An organizer of a tourist camp “Globus” in the Carpathians.





Oleksandra Halileiska

Sales manager


Retail sales, wholesale sales in Ukraine, logistics to the client.


Master of sports in sports tourism, mountaineer. Organizer and participant of hikes in the mountains of Tien Shan, Pamir, Caucasus. Competition organizer.




Daria Krasinko

Marketing, SMM and content manager


Sport tourist, organizer of a tourist club “Globus”. Hiking expeditions participant. Traveller.







We actively engage the best Ukrainian mountaineers and tourists in product development. For us it is an honour to cooperate with sportsmen and guides that create in Ukraine new products and develop Ukrainian outdoor.

We actively engage partners for testing, development, issuing technical documentation, design, photoshooting, video making, working on texts, manufacturing, technical consulting and other activities.

If you want to become a part of Fram Equipment team, feel free to contact us.