Fram equipment - Pamir expedition 2008Who we are?


Fram Equipment  - is an outdoor company, located in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. Fram Equipment was found by a group of Ukrainian climbers. We design and manufacture equipment for climbing, trekking, and all types of outdoor activities.

Our mission is to make climbers' life easier by supplying light yet functional gear. We use lightweight materials and original designs. Our products are simple and functional. They provide customers with maximum functionality at minimum weight. We hope, our equipment will be useful for all travelers.

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Our history

The history of Fram equipment started back in 2008, when a group of climbers from Kyiv planned a long trail across the wild area of Pamir mountains, on the border of China, Kirghistan, and Tajikistan. The trip lasted for 18 days. Therefore, it required light yet durable and sustainable equipment. For this project founders of Fram Equipment Anastasiia Volkova and Oleksii Kelin developed first products: Ultralight backpack Osh 100l, Expedition Marquee Tent Hope, and Full Zip Insulated Pants Shkhara. The expedition ended with great success, and the story of Fram equipment began.

The name Fram appeared a year later. We inherited the name of the ship built by Fridtjof Nansen and later on used by Roald Amundsen during his trip to the South Pole. As travelers, Anastasiia and Oleksi were familiar with the story of the South Pole contest. And even more, they learned a lot about long trail planning and gear preparation from the book by Amundsen. We have much more modern gear today, but the attitude and ideas are still the same. And that's what is driving us when we develop our products.


How we create our products?

Fram Equipment design and produce all products in Ukraine. Research and development department as well as office are based in Kiev, Ukraine. There we perform full sickle of product design, prototype, testing and technology mapping. Our manufacture is located in central and western part of Ukraine. We have a wide retail network in Ukraine and will be happy to expand it to new locations. Please contact us on [email protected] to get more information on any topic you need and discuss option to cooperation and partnership