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If you are passionate about outdoor sports or simply enjoy active leisure in nature, then you definitely have at least one backpack. And most likely, several of them.

A good backpack is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a journey, one that is constantly used. A valid question arises: how to extend the life of your favorite backpack? To protect backpacks from precipitation, dirt, and mechanical damage, special raincovers are used.

A raincover is an accessory made of waterproof fabric that completely covers the backpack from the front, sides, and bottom, protecting it from precipitation.

How to choose and buy a raincover?

Here are several factors to consider when choosing a rain cover. This ensures that your backpack is always reliably protected from bad weather.

  1. Size. Usually, the size of the raincover is indicated in liters, corresponding to the volume of the backpack. Keep in mind that if you like to carry items attached to the outside of the backpack (such as a mat or tent), it is worth choosing a cover size with a margin.
  2. Waterproofness. Choose rain covers made of silicone-coated fabric or membranes. Such fabrics retain their water-repellent properties longer than fabrics with PU coating.
  3. Seams. Seams with welded seams are more reliable. If there are seams on the rain cover, make sure they are sealed tightly.
  4. Durability. It is recommended to choose raincovers made of rip-stop fabric. This type of fabric weaving involves reinforcing threads woven into the main material, increasing the strength of the fabric while keeping it lightweight.
  5. Weight. Just like when choosing other equipment, it is advisable to choose lightweight covers.
  6. Attachment method. Pay special attention to this point. Since a poorly secured cover can be blown away by the wind and lost. Rain covers can be divided into two groups according to the type of attachment:
  • covers with an elastic band around the perimeter - such covers are simply stretched over the backpack and held in place by an elastic band. This is quick and convenient, although such a cover has a smaller range of backpack sizes it fits.
  • covers that tighten with a cord and fix - in such covers, there is a drawstring or elastic cord along the edge of the product. Before putting it on the backpack, the cord should be loosened, and then tightened and fixed with a fastener. This process takes a little more time, but such rain covers can be adjusted to fit backpacks of different sizes, and this type of fixation is more reliable. Some backpack models come with rain covers already sewn onto them. Usually, they are stored in a pocket at the bottom or on the side of the backpack when not in use.

7. Packaging. It's convenient when there is a special pouch for the rain cover, where it can be stored after use. It is advisable to choose models where the pouch is sewn directly to the cover so that it does not get lost. It is also convenient if the pouch is made of mesh or has a mesh bottom, so the cover can dry even in a folded state.

Some people consider a rain cover for a backpack to be an unnecessary item of equipment and prefer waterproof backpacks. Since it is easier to buy a ready-made waterproof backpack than to buy a rain cover for each backpack separately. Or, to protect against moisture, they simply use internal waterproof packaging.

However, a wet backpack becomes heavier and wearing it on the back can be quite cold and uncomfortable. Experienced travelers combine these two methods of moisture protection: the rain cover protects the backpack and its contents from getting wet and dirty, while internal waterproof packaging additionally protects clothes, sleeping bags, and accessories from moisture. Moreover, bags for clothes simplify packing and organizing space inside the backpack.

You can quickly and conveniently buy a quality raincover on our website. We offer covers for backpacks of different sizes and colors.

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