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Today, it's hard to find someone unfamiliar with the term "fleece." Among travelers and athletes, fleece clothing has long become a must-have. However, even urban clothing or home pajamas made of fleece remain popular.

So, what is fleece?

Fleece is a synthetic non-woven material with a special "pile" on it. In structure, it resembles wool, which is why it was named "fleece," meaning wool. This is because fleece fabric indeed shares insulating characteristics with wool.

Fleece fabric was invented in 1979 in Massachusetts by specialists from Malden Mills and Patagonia. The former specialized in producing artificial fur, while the latter is a well-known manufacturer of outdoor clothing and gear. Their collaboration resulted in an innovative material that has retained its popularity to this day.

Interestingly, Malden Mills chose not to patent the new development, allowing other manufacturers to copy, distribute, and improve the new material. This marketing move contributed to the rapid popularization of fleece in the outdoor industry.

The first developed type of fabric was called Polarfleece. Later, other varieties of fabrics with the general name Polartec emerged. This name became so associated with Malden Mills that in the 2000s, the company changed its name to Polartec.

Advantages of fleece material:

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Hydrophobicity: fleece poorly absorbs moisture and dries quickly; even when wet, it retains its insulating properties
  • Breathability: fleece breathes well and wicks away water vapor
  • Low maintenance: easy to wash, not susceptible to moths and mold
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable: fleece fabric is soft, elastic, and pleasant to the touch
  • Environmentally friendly: animal-derived materials are not used in production; some types of fleece are made from recycled plastic

Types of fleece fabric:

Based on density, fleece can be divided into the following types:

  • Thin (density 100 g/m²): used in summer as an additional layer for running, outdoor activities, etc.
  • Medium (200 g/m²): suitable for mid-season insulation; the most versatile
  • Thick (300 g/m² and more): used in cold seasons; can serve as an outer layer in calm weather

Applications of fleece:

With the invention of fleece, the concept of three-layer clothing was finally formed. Fleece clothing is not just a common sweater nowadays. Varieties of fleece fabric are used in all layers of clothing.

  1. Base layer:

Thin fleece can be part of the so-called passive thermal underwear. It is warmer and designed for low-activity or winter activities. This thin breathable fleece, such as Polartec Power Dry, Polartec Power Stretch, and Polartec Power Grid, and their counterparts, is included.

  1. Insulation:

The task of the middle layer of clothing is to remove moisture from the thermal underwear away from the body and provide warmth. Fleece sweaters and jackets in this regard are undoubtedly unmatched. For insulation, medium-density fleece like Polartec Classic is used. In calm weather, a fleece sweater can also serve as an outer layer of clothing.

  1. Outer layer (jackets):

Fleece is often used as a lining in insulated jacket models, as well as in membranes or softshell jackets. Depending on this, materials with different functionality can be applied – more breathable or, conversely, warmer. For example, Polartec Windbloc, Polartec Power Shield, Polartec NeoShell.

  1. Accessories:

Various accessories are made from fleece: gloves, socks, neck gaiters, balaclavas, hats. Thin fleece can also be used as a lining for Softshell gloves or cuffs, etc.

Fleece clothing will undoubtedly come in handy for travel, outdoor activities, training, at home, or in the city. We offer quality fleece clothing from the Ukrainian manufacturer Fram Equipment. On our website, you can find fleece jackets, sweaters, pants, and shorts, as well as various accessories for hand, foot, and head protection.

Before you buy fleece clothing, we invite you to try it on in our showroom in Kyiv. Or you can order online on the website with delivery to your locality in Ukraine or abroad.

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