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Ultralight Backpacks DCF by Fram Equipment

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Ultralight Backpacks by Fram Equipment

From the very beginning of founding Fram Equipment, one of our principles has been to create lightweight gear. After all, the lighter the backpack on your shoulders, the more comfortable and efficient your journey will be.

Let's delve into the concept of "ultralight backpacks." Typically, this term refers to minimalist, ascetic models made of thin fabrics. While they may indeed be lightweight, they come with a few drawbacks: they compromise on carrying comfort and wear out or tear relatively quickly.

Our approach to developing ultralight backpacks involves a smart compromise between weight, carrying comfort, and durability. We call this concept "smatlight." We achieve weight reduction by thoughtful construction with fewer seams (which makes it more reliable), selecting lightweight yet robust fabrics, and using reliable lightweight hardware. Thanks to this, Fram Equipment backpacks are lightweight, comfortable, and withstand prolonged intensive use.

We produce several lines of backpacks with different weight/comfort/durability ratios. There are more ascetic models for technical climbs, more comfortable ones for trekking, and indestructible expedition models. On our website, everyone can choose and buy a lightweight backpack according to their needs.

Where Ultralight Backpacks Are Used:

1. Mountaineering and Technical Climbs:

Professional athletes prefer ultralight gear as they operate in extremely challenging conditions that demand full performance. In such cases, energy savings are crucial to overcome obstacles.

2. Expeditions and Long Hikes:

In long, autonomous walking journeys, the weight of equipment determines how much food and specialized gear participants can take and carry. Consequently, it affects the interest and success of their expedition. The weight of the gear also undoubtedly influences the average speed and daily mileage.

3. Day Hikes and Walks:

In such journeys, there is usually not much equipment, so the backpack can be very compact and light. This becomes particularly relevant when time is limited—only a day or a weekend to cover as much ground as possible. A compact and lightweight backpack for travel easily fits into the hand luggage on a plane, taking up little space on a train—pure convenience.

4. Trekking and Hiking:

In the niche of mountain hiking and trekking, ultralight items are also gaining popularity for the same reasons as in other outdoor activities. A lightweight hiking backpack is your comfort, saving energy to arrive at the overnight stay earlier and rest better.

We also have a favorite argument on this topic— a kilogram lighter backpack is an extra 10 chocolates that you can take on a hike and share with friends.

Advantages of Ultralight Backpacks:

  • Enjoy the Journey:** With a lightweight backpack on your shoulders, you'll tire less, concentrate less on the heavy load, and have more time to enjoy the landscapes and conversations.
  • Efficiency:** With a lightweight backpack, you'll walk faster, cover more distance in a day, and rest longer.
  • Health Benefits:** Reduced stress on the spine and joints, lower risk of losing balance, and getting injured.
  • Cost Savings (Surprisingly):** A lightweight backpack allows you to take more items within the allowed baggage weight on a plane if you're traveling abroad.
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