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Men's Tourist Backpacks Fram Equipment

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In preparation for a journey, a crucial piece of equipment is the backpack. When choosing a travel backpack, there's no need to hesitate to be meticulous, as it will enable you to feel confident and comfortable throughout your travels.

What to pay attention to when selecting a men's backpack

  1. Purpose of the Backpack

Define the purpose of the backpack. On our website, there's user-friendly navigation in the "Backpacks" catalog, categorized according to different applications. We manufacture backpacks for tourism, trekking, mountaineering, running, urban use, and rock climbing. Regardless of your travel direction, you will find your ideal backpack here.

  1. Backpack Volume

The backpack's volume is another crucial factor, partially determined by its purpose. A backpack for rock climbing or short mountain trips should be lightweight and compact (10-30 liters). Trekking and hiking backpacks are designed for multi-day journeys, with volumes ranging from 45-65 liters. Expedition backpacks can have a volume of 100 liters or more. For convenience, our website allows you to select a category based on the backpack's volume.

  1. Anatomical Construction of the Backpack

Also, pay attention to the division between men's and women's sports backpacks. While the first two points are obvious, what distinguishes men's from women's backpacks?

Men's Tourist Backpacks and their differences

With the growing popularity of mountain hikes and trips, manufacturers of outdoor gear began to focus more on comfort during backpack carriage. A comfortable backpack should consider the body's anatomy and adjust individually to stature. Consequently, most brands produce separate men's and women's backpacks.

How does a men's backpack differ from a women's?

  • Waist Belt

The length of the belt is calculated for a larger waist circumference compared to women's backpacks. The cut of the soft part of the belt is designed to sit comfortably on the hips, reflecting the characteristics of the male physique.

  • Straps

Men's backpacks have straps spaced at a wider distance from each other to avoid pressing on the shoulders and chest and prevent slipping.

  • Back

If the back has a fixed size and is not adjustable, men's tourist backpacks will have a longer back, corresponding to male body parameters. If the backpack has an adjustable back, there's no need for this adjustment, making the backpack more versatile.

These differences primarily apply to backpacks with volumes exceeding 40 liters, intended for multi-day journeys. Smaller backpacks are usually universal and equally convenient for both men and women.

Often, manufacturers offer men's and women's sports backpacks that differ only in design. We do not adhere to any stereotypes around this, so we produce both bright and colorful models, as well as minimalist monochromatic ones. Everyone can choose a backpack according to their taste.

Buy Men's Backpacks in Ukraine with delivery abroad

Looking for where to buy a quality and comfortable backpack advantageously? We recommend buying a men's backpack from the Ukrainian manufacturer Fram Equipment.

We have been designing and manufacturing backpacks for outdoor sports for over 10 years. We test our equipment ourselves, as well as leading athletes, guides, and instructors. This is equipment that will truly make your journey easier.

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