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Ultralight climbing backpack Talung DCF 45-60L

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Volume, L 60
Weight, g 630
Recommended load 15 - 20 kg
Materials Композитна тканина Dyneema® 28 г/м2
Fasteners YKK, WooJin Plastic
Belt Yes
Совместимость с питьевой системой Yes
Main volume, cm 30/18/59
Tube height, cm 28

Superlight backpack for technical work and any tasks where the minimum weight of your equipment is important. Excellent for  ascents of any difficulty, light trekking аnd low-cost travelling.

Considered details combined with the high quality Dyneema® Composite Fabrics and minimalism give this model an unique ratio in terms of weight / strength. Backpack weight is 630 g.

The history of the creation of the Fram Equipment assault backpack for the first ascent at Talung 7349m along the ССЗ pillar.


Design features:

  • Minimalistic design: nothing clings or restrict while climbing.
  • Perfect geometry of bag
  • Made from a single piece of material with a minimum of seams. It saves weight and makes the backpack more durable.
  • Dyneema® Composite Fabrics give the backpack record-low weight and durable.
  • The tube of the backpack closes on the Roll-top: easily coils, conveniently regulate the volume, can be worn without a clamshell top.
  • The volume is regulated by the top screed, it can be changed from 45 to 60 liters.
  • Large pocket along the back of the backpack for a rug. Optionally might be complemented with rigid backrest made of aluminum tube (150g) or polypropylene plate with metal plate (320g).
  • Two large side pockets made of stretch fabric carry a 2L bottle.
  • Removable internal zip pocket 15x15cm.
  • Ergonomic removable clamshell (backpack weight without clamshell is 550g)
  • The clamshell opens with a fastex both frontally and from the back. Clamshell has two large pockets. It also equipped with hanging loops for carabiners.
  • The belt is made of a wide strap. It is also convenient to use with a belay system. Does not block access to gear loops.


Possibility of compression and fastening of equipment:

  • The modular sling-loop system allows to attach a large number of equipment (crampons, ice axes, ropes, mat, skis, etc.) using screeds .
  • The attachment for ice tools is designed to that the tools located as close to the backpack as possible.
  • 6 ties 75cm long and 10mm wide for fastening are bunded.


Other details:

  • Ergonomic shoulder straps perfectly distribute weight, do not stunning movement while climbing.
  • The strap of the shoulder straps go through the entire bottom of the backpack - this design makes the backpack very reliable;
  • Each strap has 3 cargo loops for equipment (large longitudinal, small longitudinal and transverse loops for attaching plastic carabiners like Petzl Caritool);
  • The backpack does not protrude to the sides so it`s not to interfere with climbing. The shape of the tube allows, if necessary, to fill it up to 60 liters. During the ascent, the half-empty backpack is very compact, and the upper part of the tube and clamshell does not interfere with the helmet.
  • Original vertical carrying handles on both sides of the backpack. Both handles are cargo and allow you to hang the backpack on the station and use it as a mini-bag. The vertical shape is convenient for use with big  warm gloves.



- fastexes - Woojin Plastic

- three-slot buckles, zippers - YKK


- 630 g

- 550 g without backrest and clamshell

With mat backrest 3mm 150x50cm + 200g

With metal frame + 170g

Fabric: Oxford 420D, Dyneema Rip-stop

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