Renan Ozturk, a renowned alpinist/photographer/artist known to us from the iconic film "Meru," has created a powerful new film called "The Sanctity of Space." And now, thanks to the studio "Цікава ідея," this film is available in Ukrainian.

It's a grand tale of alpine ideas that evolve into multi-year projects. Mountains and challenges that transcend the bounds of a single expedition. When a cohesive team and collective dream are paramount.

This is an engaging film not about Everest, not about "peak bagging," not about superheroes. It's a qualitatively shot, devoid of scripted drama, depiction of what a super ascent entails. From concept to the final steps on descent. Revealing the layers of awareness and considerations behind it all.

Simultaneously, the story of Brad Washburn unfolds - an aerial photographer, creator of maps, cataloger of peaks in a specific region, and an alpinist. It illustrates his influence on Alaskan mountaineering. It underscores how personalities of such magnitude impact hundreds, even without becoming super-celebrities.

This is a film about friendship. Renan's injury, described in "Meru," finds its counterpart here. With a different team and a different objective. Here too, the team awaited their turn to bring plans to fruition.

It's a story of returning from routes. Strong alpinists may not reach the summit. It happens, and it's not a defeat. Often, it's a stroke of luck. Or a sober calculation. This is seldom discussed in the era of Great Personal Achievements. But it's a reality.

Ultimately, this full-length film is filled with countless personal amateur shots, clearly even from miniDV tapes. They are so seamlessly woven into the narrative, creating a sense of reality. And a sense of the value these half-minute old recordings carry.

A thought-provoking film, worth watching for those interested in mountains.

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