3900 m, rib from Ararat

On the trip to Ararat I had a nice opportunity to test a new Fram-Equipment backpack - a new version of RFR PRO 20. It hasn't received a name yet, although I would call it a stunner. (UPD this is backpack Ararat 17L now )

Among its biggest advantages:

  • weight — only 175 g!
  • durable oxford makes the backpack lasting
  • the volume of 20 l without superfluous pockets allows placing there many things

And the best - now Fram-Equipment can print on your backpack any print you want, which means that they can make a unique backpack for you.

Path to the second camp at 4200 m, Ararat

We wanted to test the backpack as the essential to go with it from the bottom to the top (because in the tour the main backpack is lifted by horse). The volume of the backpack is sufficient for these purposes - 20 liters, without unneeded pockets, which steal the volume of the backpack.

Daily the content of RFR 20 was almost unchanged, weighing ~ 3.5 kg including:

  • 1.5 liter water bottle and lunch box
  • Sunglasses
  • Group's first aid kit
  • Down jacket 300 fp and raincoat
  • Music speaker, telephone
  • Documents

The night before the assault, it was decided to take on top of a large 80 liters backpack Osh 85 from Fram-Equipment, due to the fact that there were many spare bulky things, for example a jacket 800fp and down gloves, buffs and emergency gloves (without compression bags), extra water and full first aid kit, a pair of crampons. However, with compression bags these goods would easily fit into the RFR 20.

Photo of RFR PRO 20 as hand luggage, Istanbul airport

The outer side pockets are deep and easily accommodating a thermos or a 0.5-1 liter bottle of water.


The backpack has a belt and chest fastex, but with such a light weight of the backpack, I had no need to use them.



The sewn-on design of the belt and the straps of the backpack allow you to easily hide the belt in the side pockets and give it an aesthetic look.


In the pocket on top you can put such necessary things as: a flashlight, sunglasses, a first aid kit. Also, inside there is a sewn loop on which you can hang, for example, keys.


My work netbook easily fits in and takes up a pocket near the back of the backpack, which closes with Velcro, thus forming a back, so I'm going to use it in everyday life for work and training on the climbing wall.


On the Fram-Equipment website there is a great video of how many things fit into the RFR 20 backpack, due to the fact that its volume is 20 liters. 

We are going to test the fastening of a 3 mm cord for an ice ax on a backpack (in the previous generation sewn a daisy sling), using a backpack on the alps according to the plan - I carry equipment and stuff in RFR 20 backpack, and my partner carries a rope and his things in a bigger one.


Thank you for the opportunity to test the Fram-Equipment backpack!