Fram Equipment makes a lot of interesting, necessary and custom travel equipment, but the My peak project immediately touched and came to my liking. And it seems that they are definitely not the first to print mountains on clothes and equipment, but Alexei Kelin's sketches are not just linearts of popular tops from over the world. See some of them on the Your Peak page.

So the family was happy to buy a 20-liter roll-top backpack My peak with a printed mountain of dreams. Especially since we tested its design since winter, and it immediately became a favorite for traveling. Vitaliy Gerasin, however, grumbles that the new one is not as strong and thorough as the previously purchased sample, but I am ready to forgive it to him (the backpack, not Vitaly) because of its minimal weight, compactness and, of course, colors ❤️🧡 The manufacturer has indicated other its cool features on the site:

And yet, this backpack is an almost absolute answer to the question "what is the best present for an alpinist friend" - if the friend is real alpinist, he will always have the top of dreams, which can be printed on their one hundred and first backpack.