The ongoing war in Ukraine has had a significant impact on our company. As a Ukrainian company with our main manufacturing and R&D facilities located in Kyiv, we faced challenges when the war began in February 2022. Due to the massive attacks in Kyiv at the time, we temporarily halted our manufacturing operations and prioritized the safety of our staff, assisting them in relocating to safer areas.

However, after approximately two weeks, we started receiving requests from various volunteer and tactical medical organizations. They urgently needed medical kits and soft stretchers, as there was a shortage of such supplies. In response, we resumed our manufacturing operations. Despite the relocation of some of our staff, we called upon those who remained in Kyiv and possessed the necessary skills. Many individuals responded and joined us as volunteers, enabling us to produce tactical medical equipment for the army.

During the summer of 2022, the situation in Kyiv stabilized, and our entire staff returned to the city, ready to continue their work. Around the same time, we were invited to participate in the Outdoor by ISPO fair and showcase our products as part of the Ukrainian booth. This event provided us with the opportunity to connect with numerous outstanding individuals, some of whom became our first partners in Europe.

Currently, our manufacturing operations remain in Kyiv, with our dedicated staff committed to their work. We balance our production load between manufacturing outdoor goods for our European customers and producing essential supplies for the Ukrainian army. Additionally, we support several volunteer organizations within Ukraine, including providing assistance to our colleagues who have been called to serve in the military.

We are steadfastly playing our part in supporting Ukraine's efforts to secure victory in the war, allowing us to eventually return to 100% outdoor production. In the meantime, we are doing everything within our means to contribute to this outcome.